About Takmos LLC

Specialized. Adaptive. Symbiotic.

Takmos - What's in a name?

How did a lichen come to be the name of a technical writing firm?

The easily overlooked heroes of the ecosystem are fascinating. Take lichens as an example.

Symbiotic organisms consisting of fungus, photosynthetic algae, and possibly yeast, lichens survive the harshest environments. Commonly observed on exposed rock faces, lichens provide essential nutrition to multiple animal species, particularly during winter months when vegetation is sparse. Lichens are also among nesting materials used by various species of birds.

In many respects, the role of a freelance technical writer is similar; we provide essential, specialized support enabling our clients to build great things.


Renee Hartsook PhD DABT

Innovation is wasted if not communicated effectively.

That is why I describe myself as a writer and a scientist. In that order.

A board certified toxicologist with nearly two decades of industry experience, I work with clients to communicate their complex technical concepts in a voice and format suited to their needs. I am the author of multiple book chapters and peer-reviewed journal articles and have extensive experience ghost writing manuscripts pertaining to pharmaceutical and medical device development.

Public health, including the ways in which environmental pollution impacts human health, is my scientific focus. Both my bachelor’s degree in Environmental Toxicology and Ph.D. in Pharmacology and Toxicology are from the University of California, Davis. My doctoral work received recognition by the Society of Toxicology with the Mary O. Amdur award for contributions in the area of environmental health.

An advocate for equality in education, I am a Fellow with the EnCorps STEM teachers program providing math and science instruction in underserved schools.